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Makeup Artist and Covid-19

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

How do we move forward as an industry when social distancing is impossible?

As a makeup artist it is very difficult to do my job without touching someones face and not be closer than 2meters.

What I was doing already:

- My kit and brushes are always cleaned between clients.

- Brushes cleaned in alcohol solution or washed with antibacterial soap.

- Spraying down the area I work in with disinfectant.

- Hand Sanitiser

- Using disposable face wipes / cotton pads.

- Using disposable mascara wands (recycled when washed and sent to

When I go back to work what will I be bringing in the way of change to my practice

- PPE Facial coverings (ordered)

- Gloves (Non Latex due to possible client allergies)

- Checking temperature daily

It will be almost impossible to completely eliminate the risk of catching/passing on Covid-19 until there are 0 cases or a vaccine/cure. So I shall be trying to limit the possibility of spreading this and any virus as much as I can control. These practices will be updated as and when the Government releases more information.

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